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Demo reels production



As an actress, I am closely familiar with the drive to break into the professional world after graduation.


I also have a firsthand understanding of the challenges. Without professional headshots and a demo reel, it feels impossible to get noticed by agents, let alone land meaningful roles.


Talya Dayan, Director

Our team has developed a streamlined system to help you create a powerful brand, tailored around your strengths, that would help you land roles that fit your unique talents and typecast.

Need footage for your demo reel or headshots?


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Our team

Let us help you kickstart your career and achieve your dreams as an actor.

Talya Dayan


Talya initiates collaborations with artists in order to generate spaces of expression. She is particularly interested in producing works which explore taboos and center around the inner worlds of individuals and groups which society often overlooks.


Menahem Haike


Menahem Haike is an MFA candidate in New York University’s Creative Writing Program; he also holds a B.A. in Written Arts from Bard College. He is a writer, dramaturg, and translator. His prose has been published in Two Thirds North; his dramaturgy experience extends from adaptations of Beckett novels onto the stage, through bringing The Maids into the 21st century, and participating in devised theatre practices in New York


Adi Lynton

Personal Stylist

Adi is a textile designer and a stylist. Her greatest passion is creating visual concepts via fashion and space design. Her projects include styling for fashion shoots, creating historic looks for films and coming up with signature looks for characters on and off stage. With a keen eye for details, she is dedicated to creating the perfect look to match any character.


Javier Alvarez

Photographer and Cinematographer 

Javier is a headshot and portrait photographer based in New York. As an independent filmmaker, he has produced and served as director of photography on numerous projects, including a short film currently in production. Javier's diverse skill set also includes over fifteen years of experience in strategy consulting, finance, marketing, and operations, making him uniquely qualified to help individuals and organizations translate their identity into dynamic brands and artistic images that get results.


Adva Dayan

Set Designer

An Art Director and product design graduate from Israel’s HIT, Adva’s passion for film and theatre is evident through her extensive experience in production, She is a highly skilled and creative set designer who brings sets to life with an artistic flair. Her dedication and hard work make her an invaluable member of any production team, and her talent and creativity are highly sought after in the industry.


How it works?

Our package includes everything you need to make a great first impression. In addition to professional headshots and resume building we offer an exclusive Personal Reel service.  To showcase your range and talents, we will write and film three different scenes just for you.


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