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Roberta reel





Experience the raw, emotional journey of Roberta and Danny in this captivating short film based on John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.

Starring Talya Dayan and shot in collaboration with the talented cinematographer Javier Alvarez. The film outlines the aftermath of a night when two characters exposed their vulnerabilities and let down their defenses.

At dawn, Roberta realizes that a romantic relationship with Danny cannot be possible while Danny, grappling with violent outbursts, holds onto the hope for a chance at love.

With a minimalist approach to filming, the actors deliver emphatic performances that delve deep into the complexities of human emotion. Talya’s passion for telling the stories of ordinary people with rich psychological lives shines through in this poignant portrayal of the ‘invisible’ moments which make up our daily existence.

Director: Talya Dayan 

 Director of Photography: Javier Alvarez

Editing and sound: yuli Aylat

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