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Partouze De Tattvas preformance



In this unique show, Talya’s artistic vision comes to life as she expertly brings together her experience as an artist and as a tantra instructor to create a mesmerizing performance. Allowing the four elements–Earth, Water, Fire, and Air–to intertwine on stage, the audience is taken on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Each dancer, or piece, represents a different aspect of the human psyche and the unique qualities that reside within each of us. Through the interplay of these different elements, the show reflects internal struggles, conflicts, and harmonies which take place within us, as well as our innate desire for balance. 

The creative process was driven by Talya’s desire to encourage discourse about healthy sexuality, as part of a launch event for Leruach Private. Drawing on her experience as a tantra instructor, she found dance to be the medium who best expressed her vision, infusing the performance with sensual energy which illustrates the power and beauty of the human body. 


The performance was embedded into a moving photography exhibition, directed by Talya, which further explores the themes of the show through a series of visually arresting images. Dance and photography combine to create a thought-provoking artistic experience which leaves a lasting impression on spectators. 

Director: Talya Dayan

Director of Photography: Javier Alvarez


Kyneijee Wubah

Imani Monet

Rachel Heinkel

Nahar Aminof

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