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Boutique Art Events



Talya’s keen eye for detail and her expertise in curating cultural events allows her to help others realize their visions.

In her productions, various mediums of art integrate seamlessly to create lasting experiences. From collaborating with musicians and actors to overseeing a perfect ambience, productions ensure that all moving parts are in place to leave guests with memorable impressions.

Services offered by Talya include location scouting, talent casting, costume and set designs, bar and catering services alongside art direction. Talya works closely with clients to guarantee a fully realized vision with an impeccable attention to details. 

Naughtybook launching event

launch event celebrating the sex positive movement for a notebook brand. The  event included nude drawing classes, dance performances, a photography exhibition, and art exhibitions.

Celebration of Sensation

Party for the art community in Brooklyn, featuring  visual art, live painting performances, talented makeup artists, and an active bar.

calling all dreamers


unique and immersive event experience for a private client, featuring professional actors who created an unforgettable sensory journey with rules designed to stimulate all five senses.

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