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Meet Talya Dayan, a passionate creative and an entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, New York.

A multidisciplinary artist, Talya initiates collaborations with artists in order to generate spaces of expression. She is particularly interested in producing works which explore taboos and center around the inner worlds of individuals and groups which society often overlooks. As an actress trained at the Lee Strasberg Acting Studio, Talya is committed to bringing her characters to life S authentically and compellingly. 

Her academic background in Psychology, as well as her extensive experience in business furnish her with a singular set of skills. Continuously exploring new avenues into her craft, Talya draws on her training as a tantra teacher to imbue her performances with spiritual depths and complexities which set her apart. 

Talya’s passion for bringing visions to life and exploring new creative avenues makes her a uniquely inspiring artist, which pushes the boundaries of possibility and continues to make her mark in the art world.

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