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A fashion show event



This event was brought to life by Talya, serving as the creative producer for designer Noa Wiz's debut showcase at New York Fashion Week. Collaborating with the "Dinner Table", Talya meticulously crafted the stage, transforming Noa's vision into a tangible reality.

Delving deep into Noa's inspiration, Talya ensured a profound understanding of the vision, enabling a seamless translation into the event's execution. From sensory experiences to aesthetic cohesion, every detail was thoughtfully curated under Talya's direction.

From coordinating screens to orchestrating logistics, Talya's expertise ensured a harmonious convergence of elements. The dining table served as the nexus, accommodating caterers, musicians, and coordinators alike, all seamlessly interwoven to complement Noa's narrative.

Drawing from the romantic lore of sea sirens, Noa's inspiration for the Pena display evoked a timeless tale, capturing the essence of longing and allure. Talya masterfully connected each element, placing Noa's story at the forefront, ensuring a captivating experience that resonated with attendees.

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